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inverca greenhouse

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Product Description

Mission: We offer a quality product as greenhouse builder, with which to satisfy the expectations our customers.

Vision: Being a leader in the manufacture and installation of greenhouses that adapt the needs of our customers anywhere in the world.


  • Result orientation: We are focused on achieving results in an efficient way, anticipating and responding to changing situations proactively.
  • Implication: We are constants with our Project. We take consensual decisions and learn from our mistakes.
  • Overcoming: We constantly question what we do and we seek to apply creative ideas that allow us to innovate in an agile and practical
  • Honesty: We work with respect, transparency and humility to build trust people with whom we interact
  • Teamwork: We collaborate to achieve common goals, share information, knowledge and experiences. We listen and bring different viewpoints to improve

Gothic model

Our Gothic model has been the most used so far in different parts of the world and different climates.

You can choose between -Std- crops version supported on the ground in hot climates without many climatic requirements or suspended version -Rfz- crops and areas of snow.

It is against a structure that, over the years, has been redesigning to accommodate the latest technological advances and the use of new solutions and systems.

The Gothic arch transmits more light and a perfect evacuation of condensation to the channel, thus avoiding dripping on culture lines. Water is collected by the channel itself or by condensation channels expressly designed for INVERCA.

This model is provided with channels designed for proper water drainage.

Vents that can be used in this model can be chosen from:

  • Roof Ventilation:
    • Simple 2 m,
    • double2 m + 2 m
    • Simple 3m double
    • 3 m + 3 m.
  • Front side windows and shutters of different heights.

All our structures are designed to use any type of coating, from simple film, double film with inflatable chamber, corrugated polycarbonate cellular polycarbonate.


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